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Bukit Tinggi Horse Trails rides , It's a whole new experience

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If you love horse riding, you'll love Bukit Tinggi Resort
With 16 000 acres of hills, valley,
rainforests and open country, cool refreshing
highland climate and spectacular scenery,
this beautiful resort offers horse riding
experiences you cannot resist!

Horse riding is now more affordable
than ever and many people are
discovering the joys of the saddle.
You will find no better place to saddle up
for a great trial nee than at

Bukit Tinggi Resort!

Bukit Tinggi Resort offers truly exciting and adventurous trail rides, the only ones that traverse the highlands of Malaysia's Main Range. Our experienced instructors will help you choose a suitable horse and your adventure begins! Over undulating terrain, through forests, across open country and to vantage points with fantastic view of the countryside.

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